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When mother told you to stand up straight, she knew the truth about proper posture helping to reduce muscle and joint stress on back and neck muscles.

ITA-MED TLSO (Thoracic Lumbo Sacral Orthosis)

There are several reasons a posture support brace can benefit a person's overall health. In addition to correcting the bad habit of round, slouching shoulders and poor posture leading to headaches, as well as neck and back pain, posture support braces help reduce stress on the spine caused by certain injuries. People who engage in primarily sedentary activities such as computer work, driving, reading or working with the arms stretched out in front of the body can benefit from wearing a posture support brace to counter pain and muscle fatigue.

A posture support brace worn on a daily basis is designed to keep the shoulders and upper back muscles in proper alignment. A posture support brace prevents the shoulders from slumping forward, at the same time helping to prevent pressure on the veterbrae of the neck which often results in chronic pain for those with poor posture.

When selecting a posture support brace, it is important to purchase the correct size to fit the wearer, usually judged by the measurement of the circumference of the chest. An ill-fitting posture support brace will only cause more health problems rather than correct them. Look for a brace that is comfortable to wear all day, with wide padded straps that loop around the shoulders and under the arms. Wider straps will distribute weight evenly rather than dig into the shoulders and prove uncomfortable for all-day wear. Because it will be worn under street clothing, a posture support brace should be lightweight and streamlined rather than cumbersome or bulky in order for the wear to realize the benefits.

The best material for flexibility in a posture support brace is lycra or spandex, allowing the material to breath and allowing the wearer the widest range of motion while wearing the device.

It is also important to select a posture support brace that will address specific needs. Individuals who need neck or shoulder support will choose a brace offering different support than someone needing support directed mainly at the spine and lower back.

A posture support brace is an investment in good health. Select the the best model based on your needs rather than by pricepoint and your investment will pay off in feeling and looking better for months to come.

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