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Mirdles: Mens Girdle Underwear

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Equmen Firm Control Shapewear V-Neck Tee

There is a song by Carly Simon that complains about a guy being so vain. That shouldn't come as a surprise. Although most men don't express themselves in a flamboyant manner, they do care about how they look. And what is the foundation of a good wardrobe? It all starts with underwear- underwear like a mirdle. What is that you might ask? A mirdle is a girdle for men. Although this type of underwear is associated with women, a male girdle is actually quite masculine. This type of slimming underwear for men are compression shorts that have a front panel designed to flatten a bulging stomach. And since girdles bind the waist in a secure manner, girdles are wonderful for those suffering from hernia or back pain. It is great medical girdle that binds your core musles to control body temperature while promoting blood circulation.

While male girdles do for men what Spanx underwear does for a woman's hips and thighs, another problem area for men can be the chest. Yes, there are men who suffer from moobs. That's boob on guys. Obviously this is an embarrassing condition and there's even a name for it: gynemastia. This can take away from a man's dignity and fortunately, there's an easy fix for that too. While a girdle compresses the stomach from the bottom up and shapes the buttock and thighs, a compression undershirt works from the top down and shapes the chest. A sculpted chest, a flat stomach, a slim waist. This is the ideal look for a man and this can all be achieved with control underwear such as compression shirts and girdles.

So forget about the baggy shirts and jeans. Once you have a body you can be proud of, show it off in the latest fitted shirts and slim pants. Yes, that's what the metrosexuals are wearing. And before any macho men say they wouldn't be caught dead in that type of look, look at what being dapper and well groomed has done for David Beckham. He is one of the most good looking men in the world according to women. That's obviously one reason why you want to put on the slimming underwear for men.

In general, men do care about the way they look. Seriously, who doesn't like to be complimented on their appearance? It might be shallow but that's the way the world works. So do yourself a favor and up your metrosexual quotient and get a mens girdle.