Girdles For Men

Mens Girdles and Mens Bras: Mirdles and Mansierres

Do you know what a mirdle is? How about a mansierre? These are the latest words in pop culture as it pertains to mens underwear and you'll be hearing a lot more about them in the near future.

A mirdle is a girdle for men and a mansierre is a men's bra. Is that too much information? Well, you better get used to it because thanks to the younger generation of metrosexual men pushing the fashion envelope, you'll see a lot more gender bending clothing options for men in the years to come.

Underworks 10-inch Belly Buster Zip-n-Trim Brief

In all fairness, girdles for men and bras for men are not that risque. After all, they are garments meant to be worn underneath regular clothing. This isn't like haute couture that is blatantly in your face so men should feel no embarrassment wearing such support underwear. In fact, the body shapewear doesn't change your personal style but it just enhances who you are. This is perfect for the regular Joe.

Mens girdles can trim a few inches off the waistline so for those men who are a bit pudgy, this is the solution to instant abs. Watch as clothes glide perfectly on the body. If you've ever wondered why clothes always look better on the mannequin than you, this is why. Clothes are meant to be worn on a smooth surface and a girdle achieves that.
Underworks Cotton Concealer Compression Gynecomastia Muscle shirt

On the other hand, if you're a guy that is suffering from excess fat in the chest area, then there's a solution for that too. Men can wear mansierres or bras for men. Now, there are men who enjoy wearing actual bras for cross dressing purposes but for the purpose of this article, we're talking to those men who want to de-emphasize their man boobs or man cans or whatever derrogatory term there is for those suffering from gynecomastia.

Men can develop pseudo-gynecomastia (the kind that isn't hormone related) due to excess weight or age due to loss of muscle tone in the chest. A solution is to wear compression vests or undershirts to flatten down the chest. It is discreet, it doesn't show and no one needs to know about it.

In terms of girdles and compression shirts for men, these are great mens shapewear options for whatever body issues a guy is dealing with. He might not be pressing to be on the cutting edge of fashion but perhaps he just wants to project a better version of himself to improve his self-confidence. With mens girdles and compression undershirts, he can do just that.