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Back Braces for Back Pain

February 13, 2011 by  
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Many Americans suffer from chronic back pain. Some people have dealt with this for the majority of their lives, while others experienced an accident or other recent cause of the pain. No matter the cause, braces can relieve the pain and are available from doctors or retail stores.

To choose a back brace for back pain, patients should first talk to their doctor or physical therapist. These experts can recommend the brace that will benefit the patient the most. There are several kinds of back braces, so the doctor will assess the pain from many angles before recommending one. For spinal curvature or poor posture, doctors may prescribe a firmer brace with few options for spinal movement. For smaller aches and pains or muscle soreness, more flexible braces or wraps can be used. In extreme cases, firm braces can be used post-surgery or to help heal vertebrae fractures.

Rigid braces are typically custom-made and can be uncomfortable for the patient to wear. Although especially useful in the recovery process, many people find these barely tolerable. Elastic back support braces can be prescribed by a doctor or bought over the counter, and they usually work well for muscle soreness or developing problems. They do not limit motion completely, but are more often used to help the patient learn how to move their back to limit pain. They simply give added support and can assist people in bending properly or lifting items. In addition to these, other back braces can help pregnant during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Flexible, elastic braces can provide extra back support by lifting the abdomen and “carrying” the weight of the baby more efficiently. Many women find these extremely useful during daily activities or exercise routines.

Prices of back braces for back pain can be fairly inexpensive or quite costly. This usually depends on the type of brace and the customization options it offers. More rigid braces must be form-fitted to specific patients and are more expensive. Flexible braces can suit almost anyone and are usually available in only a few sizes. No matter the choice, providing extra back support is helpful to anyone with back pain.

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