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Mens Girdle: Fashion Must Have

December 21, 2009 by  
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Equmen Firm Control Shapewear Tank TopDo you know what the fashion essential for men is this year?  Forget about jackets, pants, shoes or any other type of outerwear.  It’s the inside that counts – mens girdle underwear that is.  That’s right guys, this year fashion just have is a support girdle.

Now some folks might already be familiar with girdles because of bad backs so they need girdle support.  There are also those who wear hernia girdles after surgery.  However, have you ever worn a girdle that wasn’t for medical purposes?  Sure, the words girdles for men might not sound all that appealing, but how about if it is reworded to core precision undershirts?  Spandex undershirts for men?  Or if the company ever decides to make it, Spanx underwear for men?

While it is true that chubby and overweight guys tend to benefit most from support underwear that hides their stomach or beer belly, these type of compression underwear can help shape any guy.  In fact, these types of girdles are very high tech and are even designed for the sports enthusiast in mind.

Beyond the slimming and shaping benefits of a male girdle, compression underwear helps support core muscles thus improving posture.  It also controls body temperature and promotes blood circulation.  Underwear makers even went to the trouble of working with sports and ergonomic consultants to develop these sports girdles for men.  You might be skeptical about high tech underwear but think about the sports girdles that men already wear in hockey and in football.  Instead of the padding, you’re getting it ultra thin for fashion purposes that make you look thinner while reaping other health benefits.

If you’re still not convinced that the fashion statement this year for men is the male girdle, think about how slim and hard you’ll look underneath your clothes.  There’s no sense in wearing a nice suit because no matter how dapper the garment is, you’ll still need to fit properly into it.  You do this by creating a good frame for the suit.  Think of your body as a hanger.  If the hanger has fat bulges, even in a custom suit, it’s still going to show.  You avoid this by packing everything in a nice sleek package by wearing compression underwear.  You’ll be astonished by the difference support briefs make both in a physical sense and a psychological sense.  You can’t help but feel good about yourself.  So perhaps the fashion garment to have this year isn’t just about the girdle, but how it makes you feel inside and out as well.