Girdles For Men

Back Support Girdle For Men

If you were an athlete in your younger days, you might be familiar with athletic girdles. Sport girdles are used to protect the groin, hips and thigh area from injury as well as keeping the muscles warm. However, sometimes men need girdles too after their glory years as the wear and tear have taken their toll. That’s why back support girdles for men are a good option for back pain sufferers.

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In a back support girdle for men, you have a girdle that will provide you with abdominal, back and hip area support – all the muscle groups that might be contributing to your back pain. Unlike sports girdles, these lumbar girdles are not bulky. You can wear them discreetly under even the tightest of clothing. You can wear them under your civilian clothes or under your gym clothes. Whatever your purpose, you can wear them all day long or wear them for a workout as lower back support . They are comfortable and flexible enough to be multi-purpose. It also helps that they have moisture wicking ability so you’re not stewing in your own sweat.

The back support girdles can also double as men’s shapewear as they are made of very high density compression material. They will slim a man right down if he is obese as being of the heavier set can also contribute to back pain. As an added side benefit, the compression on the stomach will lead to eating less as it serves as a reminder to stay the course on the diet. See, who needs an expensive gastric bypass surgery when a belly girdle will do the job? The long term plan to staying slim is to eat healthy and exercise anyways.

With a back girdle, you can now return to participating in the sports you’ve always loved with the added confidence in the support the undergarment provides.