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There’s good news for men who are looking for stomach girdles to hold in that beer belly.  No longer do you have to wear women’s shapewear underwear (unless you want to) to get that slim and rock hard figure.  Underwear manufacturers are now realizing that there is a market for men who want to take advantage of slimming underwear as well.  This is probably known as the Spanx effect.  Spanx is a woman’s shapewear manufacturer that has been praised by Hollywood actresses (Gwenyth Paltrow, Queen Latifah) and talk show hosts alike (Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks, Ellen).  The good news is that Spanx for men is finally here!

The most problematic area for men is the gut.  Where women accumulate fat on their hips and thighs (a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips) men get that protruding stomach and love handles.  And if that wasn’t a blow to your ego enough, fat sometimes also accumulates in the breast area.  That condition is known as gynecomastia.  But have no fear because women have been hiding the true state of their bodies for years.  If you want to shape your body as well, all you have to do is buy compression underwear that hides these body defects.

While men might be imagining all sorts of weird contraptions to bind their body, this is not the case at all.  In fact, girdles are not a new invention for men at all.  A couple of centuries ago, English gentlemen wore these undergarments as proof of their status and sophistication.  And of course, there were always girdles for medical reasons such as back pain and hernia girdles.  It was only in later years that men decided to be “free” and go free balling.  However, as mentioned, the men’s girdle is making a comeback.  Today, girdles for men are made with high tech fabric.  Compression and support underwear are made of high density material that has enough give that you are comfortable while wrapping you in.  The differences are astounding as inches melt instantly on your waistline.  No longer will you be consciously sucking your stomach in when you pass by someone you want to impress.  While wearing a specifically designed girdle for men, you will feel confident anywhere and everywhere.

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