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Mens Girdles for All Types of Bodies


Men can probably remember a time when their mothers, girlfriends, wives or significant others bought them underwear.  Perhaps they still do.  However, have you ever thought about trying a girdle for men?  The word girdle alone probably strikes fear in many men let alone put a gender in front of it to specify mens girdle.  However, times have changed and any preconceived notion of granny underwear or underwear for women only should be put aside.  Girdles for men are sleek, slimming and comfortable.

Mens Compression Body Shirt Girdle Gynecomastia Shirt

A male girdle comes in many shapes and sizes.  Depending on the type and brand of the girdle, they can range from x-small to 4x large (xxxx-large).  Now, why the variation in size?  Obviously, you can guess that an overweight person would need some support underwear help to eliminate bulges but why x-small?  The truth is, no matter what your size, anyone can suffer from fat rolls.  Wearing compression underwear for the stomach and thighs give you slimmer silhouette.

As mentioned there are many shapes and variety of mens girdles.  It depends on where your problem area lies.  You can have a belly buster type of stomach girdle and by the name alone, you can imagine what it does.  It compresses your stomach and gives the illusion of inches off the waistline.  The length of the girdle can be short, medium, or go all the way up to your chest.  There are also support underwear body suits where they go down to the knees so you get the added benefit of shaping your butt and thighs.  However, some men also like compression undershirts which also provide chest compression along with the stomach panel of a girdle.  Not only are these type of girdles good for back support, but they are also great for men suffering from man boobs or gynecomastia.  These chest binders solve these embarrassing problems for guys.  Furthermore, these chest compression undershirts are also popular with those who are going through female to male reassignment surgery.

As you can see, a male girdle can solve a lot of body issues that you are not comfortable with.  There are lots of different styles of mens girdles to choose from and their fit and comfort are like a second skin that you won’t even know it is there.  So break away from your old style underwear and get a mens girdle.  You’ll be amazed by the difference in the way you look.

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